Top 7 Tips For Planning A Class Reunion
By Robert Hirscheimer

If you were a member of your class executive committee, you may feel it is your obligation to organize a class reunion. Many people fail to accomplish this goal for 3 reasons.

The number one reason that people never get the high school reunion planned is that they were unable to generate enough interest. Planning a class reunion requires money. In order to know how much of a budget you have, you need to get some sort of indication from people if they will come or not. As the organizer, the first priority is to get enough people interested that it makes sense to organize an event with a venue, food and entertainment. To be able to do that you need to know that there will be participation or else you will be financing the class reunion by yourself.

The second reason that reunions sometimes do not get off the ground is that not enough people find out about the event. Ten years or more after graduation many classmates have moved and changed addresses (often more than once). Finding people is a big part of the challenge of generating interest, because if you can't find them, it is tough to try and get them interested in a high school reunion.

Another stumbling block in high school reunion planning relates to the task of collecting funds. Assuming that you have found a large percentage of people, and you have succeeded in getting people psyched about the class reunion, the next major hurdle is getting them to commit to coming. Many people become procrastinators when it comes time to separate themselves from their money. Therefore, the more options you have for accepting payment the better.

Reunion Website
Creating a class reunion website populated with events and trivia from the year you graduated is a great way to get people reminiscing about high school. The website also acts as a point of registration where classmates can update their profile and RSVP online. The website is viral in nature, so as people find out about it they tell others, who tell their friends, who tell their friends and so on. The reunion website also allows people to pay for a ticket with a credit card. People have become accustomed to paying for things with credit cards and it is often viewed as quicker and easier than writing and mailing a check.

Making a high school reunion website is fast and easy to do. There are easy class reunion website builders that require no special skills. You will just be filling in forms and clicking on buttons. It is truly as easy as surfing the web or sending an email. If you are considering planning your high school reunion, don't even think of doing it without creating a website.

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